Ball & Seat Sets

With over 152 years of experience, Tungsten Trimworks remains an industry leader in the manufacturing of precision and semi-precision balls and seats. These tightly grained, porosity free precision cast balls are capable of meeting all of the highly scrutinized government qualifications and x-ray testing requirements in today’s technical marketplace. Our cast spheres are poured to our customer’s individual specifications with our age-old shrinkage and draw equations resulting in the best alloy balls available on the market today. Tungsten Trimworks balls are widely used in the oil and gas industry, the food and homogenizer industry, and the severe service valve industry. We offer these corrosion and wear-resistant balls and seats in a wide variety of sizes and different alloys to fit our customer’s specialized needs.

Ball and Seat sets are a great way to start out with fresh parts that are perfectly meshed for one another. All parts are made in-house from pouring to shipping. For many years TTW has specialized in the production of high quality Alloy, Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Nitride, and Titanium Carbide Balls and Seats. These can be purchased as sets or individually. For more information please contact one of our sales specialists and get a quote today!

Tungsten Trimworks Cobalt Alloy Balls and Seats are utilized primarily in environments where lubrication and maintenance options are limited or non-existent as well as areas in which severe heat, abrasion, corrosion, cavitation, galling, and thermal wear are taking place.


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